Seed Development Group


Seed Development Group provides clients who are considering entering market with the most cost and time effective methods.

Our fundamental services consist of;

  1. Conducting negotiation with the government and related public institution behalf to obtain product approvals and licenses.
  2. Submitting to you a list of local distributors who may be interested in products.
  3. Providing fundamental information of the current local market situation specific reference to your particular line of business.
  4. Conducting negotiations involving clinical investigations with the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, or other governmental offices if necessary.

Other services offered in addition to the above, or individually;

  1. Making an application.
  2. Preparing and / or completing clinical trials with local distributor.
  3. Presenting the current local market situation of products.
  4. Creating a viable business and marketing plan.
  5. Nominating suitable domestic and / or foreign candidate for a distributor.
  6. Negotiating distribution terms with domestic and / or foreign agents.
  7. Importing and / or exporting products for domestic and / or foreign agents.
  8. Communicating with domestic and /or foreign dealers, and other entities relevant to the business.

※local:Japan, U.S., Hong Kong, Korea, Nepal, Europe, Australia.